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Lena Chapman MA LPC,
Licensed Professional Counselor

Making Your Healing a Reality

“A Therapist After God’s Heart”

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Missouri. I am the owner of Haven of Light Christian Counseling and Haven of Light Wellness Center. There are many roles that I play when it comes to mental health. I love to support people through counseling; however mental health goes beyond the therapy session. My passion for mental health has led me to educate others about it. I do many trainings and workshops across the country to help educate the African American community about the mind. My goal is to eliminate the stigma about counseling in our community so we can have the freedom to live whole.

I believe that through education we can eliminate the stigma about mental health. Once the stigma is eliminated, we will be able to openly receive the support we need to address the mental pain that’s holding us back from fulfilling our purpose in life.

I am a proud 2008 graduate of the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff where I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. Determined to further my education, I achieved my Master of Arts in Counseling-Mental Health from Webster University in 2013. Summer of 2022, I deceived to take the necessary steps to complete my education at Liberty University by becoming a Doctoral student.

 I have enjoyed working in the mental health field for over 14 years. I support clients and organizations from different ethnic backgrounds and demographics which include children, adolescents, and adults. In a wide range of settings, I have supported clients in an adolescent residential mental health facility, homeless shelters, private practice, in-home counseling, preschools, private/public school, and in church settings. I have also presented many mental health workshops across the country.

My passion is to uncover the misunderstood topic of Mental Health. My passion and love for God’s people have led me to my ministry in counseling. Through counseling, I reveal God’s love and compassion for the hurting and healing. My purpose in Life is to partner with the Body of Christ by letting God use her to help heal the saints mentally.

My devotion is building on the strength of my clients and providing a safe place for release, hope, change, and well-being. I meet my clients where they are and support their specific intellectual needs. 

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